Prophetic Team Workbook

prophetic_workbookAt the request of the many wanting to start a prophetic team but unable to access practical resources, Diane Harrison has compiled this workbook.

Here you will find a collection of practical lessons and activities that she has used successfully for over 25 years, in teaching countless numbers of individuals to prophesy. While the prophetic gift may be resident within people, the gift must be developed and released in order to practically serve the body of Christ. These teachings and exercises are a great resource towards this purpose!

This Workbook can be used alone or in conjunction with the book The Power of Prophetic Teams -a practical guide to beginning prophetic ministry in the local church. In her book Diane shares from her 25 years of experience in prophetic ministry to help others learn how to identify and train prophetic people, specifics of where to begin, giving feedback guidelines for appropriate ministry, accountability and building trust.

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