About Us

LifeLinks is a relational-based family of churches with a broad Statement of Faith that focuses on the essentials of Christianity rather than areas of controversy. We believe a healthy relational foundation allows people with minor doctrinal differences to work well together in advancing God’s Kingdom.

Because of our focus on building strong relationships, members of the LifeLinks family always have someone to gain support from in moments of difficulty or to celebrate with in times of victory.

Network input to a congregation is always in response to the invitation of local church leadership and respects the autonomy of that fellowship. In addition, those giving apostolic oversight to a local church are available for consultation both to the leaders and congregational members thereby providing a high level of relational accountability.

The LifeLinks Family is open to all who sincerely love the Lord and are willing to assent to our basic beliefs and membership conditions. Participation in network conferences and events is encouraged prior to a church or individual seeking membership to help confirm that the association is a good fit. This process also allows people to get to know our apostolic leaders and possibly determine whom they will relate to once they join LifeLinks.

The Apostolic Council meets several times a year to seek God and give direction to the network. A strong relational bond between Council members enables them to support one another as well as the churches for which they are responsible.

Although autonomous, churches within the LifeLinks family have a real sense of identification and connection with one another. Strong regional, national, and international relationships are formed as congregations partner to plant new churches, serve together on short term missions teams, participate in ministry and youth training programs, and attend network conferences and camps.