2017 ENGAGE Conference

Ian Byrd – get Your VISION in gear
Randy Frazee – Engaging God’s WORD
Randy Frazee – Engaging COMMUNITY
Randy Frazee – Engaging your FAITH
Mark Hughes – get your EVANGELISM in gear

Main Sessions

Randy Frazee


Dave Wells – Conference Opening

Ian Byrd – Get Your Vision in Gear

Mark Hughes – Get Your Evangelism in Gear

5 by 10 (Due to a power shortage only two audio clips are available at this time)

Danica Hughes – Get Your Young Adults in Gear

Ian Byrd – Closing Exhortation


Thursday Morning

Ross Gerber – Get Your Missions in Gear

Des & Cheryl Klingspon – Get Your Prayer Ministry in Gear by

Aubrey Krahn – Get Your Small Groups in Gear

Kevin Beeson – Get Your Systems and Structures in Gear

Shelleigh Beeson and Val Byrd – Women Get Your Ministry in Gear

Thursday Afternoon

Mark Hughes – Get Your Gears in Gear

Linda Wells – Get Your Volunteers in Gear

Diane Harrison and Keith Eberhard – Get Your Prophetic Ministry in Gear

Friday Morning

Frank Hackett and Duane Masters – Get Your Community Outreach in Gear

Ross Gerber – Get Your Leadership in Gear

Dave Wells – Get Your Perspective in Gear

Jeremy Gwaltney – Get Your Preaching in Gear

Saturday Morning (Bonus) –  Increasing Prophetic Effectiveness

Part 1 by Diane Harrison

Part 2 by Clem Ferris

Part 3 (Q&A)