Hello campers!

Well, the subject line says it all. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the uncertainty of cross border travel, for a second year in a row, sadly, we have to cancel our LifeLinks camp in Hungry Horse, Montana.

 We had originally planned to wait until May to make the decision but Glacier Bible Camp wanted an earlier verdict because they have demand for our slot in August. So, considering current trends, and the ongoing uncertainty, as an apostolic team we felt it best to cancel. The silver lining, however, is that we are guaranteed our August slot next year and will plan to have our big “Reunion” camp then.

 As well, we are exploring whether it’s feasible to still have a Canadian camp this year. The majority of our attendance in Hungry Horse is from Canada and so we’re looking into what camp facilities might be available and financially feasible up here. We’ll keep you posted and let you know whether or not we come up with a workable solution.

 I want to conclude by encouraging you to continue looking to the Lord for His grace and peace as we navigate this season. We will get through this, the end is in sight, and we will eventually be at Glacier Bible Camp again.

 In the meantime, God is working in our lives and ministries and there will be much good that still comes from this time.
 Many Blessings,

Ian Byrd
 Apostolic Team Leader