YouTube Video Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any content on YouTube regardless of whether or not it is accessed via the embedded video clips on this web site. YouTube content is not hosted on our server and falls under YouTube’s own Terms of Use policy. While we ensured the integrity of the links that lead to our own video content at the time of setup, we have no control over the way that the YouTube platform directs those links internally, while very unusual, it is possible that a fixed link could be corrupted or maliciously redirected to content that could be deemed inappropriate. We do periodic checks to verify the integrity of our links and our content, but we do caution our viewers to always verify that the content is in fact what we have promoted on our web site.

Note that after a video clip plays, YouTube may automatically show thumbnails of related videos which can be played in the embedded video player. LifeLinks International is not responsible for this content. In virtually all cases, the related videos will be directly on the subject of the video, although that can range from that subject to videos of other subjects including: editorials, humor, or songs etc.

YouTube provides these related video links automatically based on the subjects and keywords that users assign to their videos, so it is possible that an unrelated video link could ‘sneak in’, unbeknownst to both YouTube and to our web managers, and that a viewer may feel that such content is in some way inappropriate. With this in mind we do advise our viewers of this inherent risk and so by choosing to watch our video on YouTube you are aware of the risk involved.